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One of Bangkok's best kept wonders,the picturesque Nai Lert Park Heritage Home marks 100 years of history and tradition. For three generations,Nai Lert family lived in the house until it was unanimously decided in 2012 to convert the private residence to a heritage property where greater community shall appreciate the experience and its historical charms. Almost three years of restoration work has returned Nai Lert Park Heritage Home to the former grandeur,leaving the teak wooden floors,pillars,and century-old trees intact.

LADY L Garden Bistro

The garden bistro creation is a homage to the European flavours loved by Thanpuying Lursakdi Sampatisiri,fondly known as "Lady L".

Ma Maison

Ma Maison,a playground for all palettes,set amid decade-old trees and natural surroundings,not to mention the stunning backdrop of the Heritage Home.

White Bus Catering

White Bus Catering prides itself on its professional,personalized and one stop approach to catering and event planning.
Our skilled staff of chefs,servers,and planners are on hand to provide every occasion with expertise
and unmatched attention to detail.
Let us help you create a stress-free event from ideation to fruition,coordinating all of your catering,decor,lighting,floral,and entertainment needs.