Where the legacy begins

A legacy of Nai Lert has been well-preserved for decades by his descendants, telling the story of his life which connected with society through his innovation and wisdom. Among the high rise building and urbanization, his legacy is still remain and never-ending flourish.

Built in 1915, Nai Lert Park Heritage Home was designed by Phraya Bhakdinorasresth (Lert Sresthaputra), which was his permanent residence that he shared with his beloved wife, Khunying Sinn (Thevit) and his daughter Thanpuying Lursakdi Sampatisiri who later married Khun Binich Sampatisiri.

Nai Lert bought the land along Saen Saep Canal and planned to build a unique teakwood abode where they could relax and have friends over to visit on the weekends in the confines of a lush garden. The Nai Lert family home were opened to the public in 1915. It was the first western-style public park in Siam, even before Bangkok’s Lumpini Park was opened. Scout camps and other activities were held in the grounds, fondly referred to by locals as “Nai Lert Park”

For three generations, Nai Lert family lived in the house until it was decided in 2012 to convert the private residence to a heritage property where greater community shall appreciate the experience and its historical charms.

Nai Lert Park Heritage home was turned into a museum filled with historical memorabilia from three generations – each corner and the thousands of artifacts within are parts of an enthralling history about the life and legacy of Phraya Bhakdinoraseth.

Operating hours: Wednesday - Sunday (Closed on Monday and Tuesday) at 9.30 hrs. 11:30 hrs. 14:30 hrs. and 16:30 hrs.
*Thai traditional cooking class and Thai garland workshop are on request with an additional fee.

Admission Fee
• Adult: THB250
• Student: THB100
• Child: below 7 yrs old - free of charge

For more information and booking ticket, please call: +66(0)2 253 0123
E-mail: museum@nailertgroup.com
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