Nai Lert Flower & Garden Art Fair 2024

Nai Lert Flower & Garden Art Fair 2024 will be an extraordinary attraction for families, group tours, or individuals who enjoy gardening and flower, art and crafts or simply appreciate fresh outdoor air.

2024 Highlights

Flower x Art
Flower x Art

Exhibited throughout Nai Lert Park will be a combination of creative artwork inspired by various types of flowers. 

  • A giganitic carpet knitted by flowers, grains, and seeds under the concept of Blossoming Culinary Art by famous creative and florist Sakchai Guy. Welcomes visitors here.
  • With over 20 flower sculptures placed all over the event space made possible by business partners, visitors can enjoy taking photos with beautiful flowers, combined with an interesting selection of cokking ingredients.
Flower x Market
Flower x Market

Don't miss shopping for art products and delicious food, selected specifically for this event. 

  • Food Market: a restaurant zone housing selected famous eateries from all over Thailand especially for the event.
  • The Shop: Shop for a charitable cause-goods including diamonds, fabrics from their origins, limited edition goods to name but a few. Little that we know traditional Thai patterns are making a comeback on international fashion platform.
  • Plant Market: a zone selling decorative plants and garden decoration products. 
Flower x Taste
Flower x Taste

Savor dishes made from flowers under a beautiful floral setting and amazine artwork. 

  • Lady L: A home cooking Western style restaurant with farm to table dishes, serves freshness selected from the farm for their delicious dishes and flower menu 
  • Ma Maison: An authentic Thai restaurant, offers "special food menus based on the elements" for health according to the science of traditional Thai medicine in ancient Ayurveda texts.
  • Caviar Cafe: A lavish restaurant for goumets who love caviar, serves flower-based dishes that add charm to delicious menu. 

Nai Lert Park Heritage Home, an over 108 years old golden teak house, will be used for various creative art activities.

  • Beeswax Castle: The main art exhibition on display at Nai Lert Park Heritage Home, is the creation of Prasat Phueng Mueang Sakon Nakhon in contemporary form, stunningly captivating, and in a way never seen prior. 
  • Blossoming Fashion and Textile Design Exhibition: is a ccollection of clothing made from edible cooking ingredients under the concept of Blossoming Culinary Art, designed by students from faculty of Fine and Applied Arts (Textile and Fashion Desing), Thammasat University
  • Contemporary THAI Masterpieces: Showcase the art of carving fruits and vegetables, mixed with the making of pastries from sugar and gelatin, which highlights exquisite craftsmanship that maintains the uniqueness of Thai art. This contemporary creative style is introduced by the School of Culinary Art, Suan Dusit University.
Flower x PLAY
Flower x PLAY

Have loads of fun with various activities the entire day.

  • Workshop: Include activities for visitors of all ages and include making simple Thai desserts, carved with Thai patterns and made from herbs and flowers.
  • Kids activities: Consist of everything from Bozo twisting balloons to fancy face painting and having fun with mascot dolls "White Bus" that will be at the venue throughout the day for children.
  • Live music performances:  Amid a flower garden start from 4.30 pm - 8.00 pm. After a day of shopping and eating enjoy entertaining music by a wide selection of artists throughout the entire event. 


Exhibition Tour
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